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White Wings

Genre: Fantasy
Current Word Count: 51,620 
Progress Report: Part 1, Draft 1 complete. Part 2 and final draft completion estimated by Spring of 2016.

Last updated: 1/25/15

Synopsis: Black. So much black. Our wings. Our clothes. Our sky. Darkness is all we've ever known.  Any mention of Light is forbidden, punishable by life in prison--or worse.  All that changes when a strange man comes to the city.  Not only does he wear a coat of a rare color, but his wings are white.  And if white wings and color are more than just a myth, could the same be said about Light?  But the man did not come to our city by chance.  There was a spoken prophecy from long ago that someone would soon rise up and defeat the Darkness once and for all.  The Darkness already knows what role each of us must play.  Will Light shine in the city?  Or will Darkness win...again?

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Genre: Adventure/Alternate Reality 
Current Word Count: 52,944
Progress Report: Draft 1 complete. Second draft under construction. 

Last updated: 6/4/15

Synopsis:  Nothing changes your life like suddenly having no life. I still remember that day when my entire city disappeared--and not just the people.  Every day another piece is lost.  Another part of my world gone. I'm hungry for answers...but sometimes it's better to leave such secrets alone. I learned this the hard way.  But what I find does more than just explain. It changes my very reality. 

Guinea Pig Maverick
book #2 in the Labyrinth Series (written in partnership with Adelaide)

Genre: Science Fiction
Current Word Count: 57,707
Progress Report: Final draft under construction. Estimated novel completion by the end of 2015.

Last updated: 1/22/15

Synopsis:  I have only ever wanted one thing:  and older brother. But at 16, the chances of that happening are slim at best. That changes when I stumble across a hidden birth certificate for a brother I never knew existed.  Why did my parents lie to me, telling me that I'm an only child?  I'm determined to meet my brother, and I set out towards his last known location.  But instead I find myself in the middle of a rebellion waged against the same scientific program responsible for my brother's existence.  Is my brother really dead?  And is this rebellion a hint at something far, far bigger than anything I could have prepared for?

Geltend Hunter
book #3 in the Labyrinth Series (written in partnership with Adelaide)

Genre: Science Fiction
Current Word Count: 23,428
Progress Report: Draft 1 under construction. Estimated draft completion 2016. 

Last updated: 1/22/15

Synopsis:  We thought it was finished, but in truth, it has only just begun. 

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  1. So, if book 2 is nearing completion, does that mean book 1 is available? :) Your Labyrinth Series sounds intriguing. I'd love to read it when it is available.