Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thingy Thursdays #3

A fascinating object that begged at the chance for a story.


Angela carefully positioned her necklace so that it hung perfectly over the middle of her shirt.  It was a simple thing, small and circular.  On it was the recognizable "on-off" light as she liked to call it.  It was always on. 

Her mother told her never to take it off.  The risk of losing it was far too great and unforgivable. 

Why was it unforgivable?  Angela had no idea. 

But most important of all, was that Angela was instructed to never EVER hold the button down for more than three seconds. 

Every night, Angela dreamed about what it might do.  Would she die if the little light went out?  Would someone else die?  Would she lose something precious?  But no matter how much she was tempted to see what it did, she obeyed, and never pressed the button. 

But her conviction changed when her mother died in a car accident. 
Now there was no one to remind her.  No one to stop her. 

Worst of all, now she was plagued with thoughts that maybe the necklace did something good.  That maybe her mother would have been spared. 

The ache in her heart--the grief--it was too great.  So one day, Angela closed her eyes, pressed the button between her fingers and counted to three. 

It happened simultaneously all around the world.  Not one was spared.  For when that light died out, gravity turned off.

God bless,
~Amy Rochelle

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