Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two-Fifty Tuesdays #4

Excerpts of my writing consisting of 250 words. No more. No less. 

The following passage is taken from Chapter Two of my current work in progress, Somnia


     “Can you prove it?”
     He raises an eyebrow and bends his head forward.  “Excuse me?”
     “Can you prove that I’m a book character?” I repeat.  I don’t like the way the words sound coming from my mouth.  A dream I might have been able to accept, but a book?  I glance down at the journal still in my hands.  No.  It just doesn’t work that way. 
     The ready look on Jesse’s face bothers me.  He has an answer to my challenge. 
     “When was the last time you ate?” He crosses his arms over his chest.  “When was the last time you slept? My guess is never.”  I feel as though he has me cornered up until that last part.
     “Not true!” I say, pointing at him for emphasis.  “I used to eat and sleep back when the town was alive.”
     “But not since they all disappeared,” he counters.
     “No….” I have to admit that much is true.
     “Listen Wiles, I can’t force you to believe me. But what I’m telling you is the truth.”  I stare at the cover of the journal and rub my thumbs over the tattered edges.  Is that all I am?  Someone disguised as paper and ink hidden away in the pages of a book that sits somewhere in another reality?
     “So if I’m a book character…” I begin, still hating the sound of those words.  “Than this is my story? My fate is to live alone in a crumbling town?”  Again, Jesse averts his eyes. ...

God bless,
~Amy Rochelle


  1. Awesome! I'm doing the same thing...sorta. One of my stories is about my interaction with my characters. It is all highly exaggerated, but it is SO MUCH FUN!!! And I never thought about their never eating and sleeping in their lives when they are not being strong-armed into acting out my mad fantasies. I shall have to think on that as it brings up so many strange and interesting concepts hitherto unexplored. Hmmmm...

  2. Also, another thing, seeing as how you brought Jesse up: Ever since I read your "Jesse" board on pintrest I've been reading "awesome" as Awe-so-mee. It is highly annoying and all your fault. *pouts*

    1. That's awesome! I actually put myself into this story for some parts. It's a really fun thing to do, but also super challenging. Writing myself accurately is harder then it looks.

      Ah, Jesse. HAHA! My most chaotic and incredibly sarcastic character of all. He appears in several of my books. He just isn't satisfied to stay in one story!

    2. I KNOW how that is. It is bothersome. (Or in my Jesse infected speech: bother-so-mee.) I have one (Who am I kidding, one? I have tons of them!) who is JUST LIKE THAT! His name is Gideon and he weaseled a second and THIRD story out of me. Mostly, though, he did it to give his sweetheart some more screen time (with the intention of being in a great many of those screenshots). Those were his reasons. Mine were to see him more often. He is like a brother. You love him, you hate him, he steals your stuff and is a real pain in the neck, but you'd do anything for him. He knows this and uses it to his utmost advantage, but because I adore him so much, I let him manipulate me.

    3. HAHA! That's great!
      The funny thing with Jesse is that the stories are never about him, but then he comes in and decides he's going to narrate for some of it. Eventually I just give up and let him do what he wants.

    4. Yeah, the stories aren't about Gideon either, they are mostly about his sweetheart (Amice) and his step-sister (Matty) but he's the real reason I'm planning a trilogy. And yes, he goes his own way. He just hops out with the strangest things, and though he exasperates me, they're always funny things (or usually they are), so I just roll with it.

    5. Oh, yes. As you already know, Jesse is all for making a situation as non-serious as physically possible. Although he does grow up a little bit in the Labyrinth Series that my best friend and I are working on. But until that happens he's bound determined to stay a child. I'm like, "Jesse. You're 18. Grow up a little bit." And he was so shocked he fell off his unicorn.

    6. BWAHAHAHAHA! That sounds more like my Gavin, Gideon is slightly more serious than that. Gavin, however, is ALWAYS very...well, he's Gavin. You can't really explain it any other way. If I told Gideon to grow up, he'd just roll his eyes and start off in a long intricate lecture on just exactly how grown up he is. Gavin would act more like Jesse.

    7. HAHA! Jesse is a little of both, depending on what cereal he had that morning.
      Do you have Pinterest boards for these guys? I'd love to take a look at them.

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    9. Oh no! I just did a personality test for Gideon. He's an ENTJ. His Disney character match was (dare I say it) Gaston...and the worst part is, I can actually see how he could be perceived as arrogant and unfeeling. Oh bother. But he is funny, and he isn't mean, at least not on purpose. So I guess he will have to live with it. (He isn't happy about it though.)

    10. Awesome! I'll be looking forward to those boards!

      ENTJ? Oh dear, indeed. ENTJs are the most ruthless and heartless at times. I have several villains who are ENTJ.

      ENTJs who end up NOT being a villain usually have very dry, sarcastic humor, and only help when they are benefited from it.