Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thingy Thursdays #8

A fascinating object that begged at the chance for a story. 

Today's object was suggested by Faye Gordon

     Emma knew they weren't far behind. She was running out of breath. Faster, FASTER! She had to make it! One short cut, then another.  Alleyway after alleyway.  Then she saw it.  Up ahead was the phone box that she desperately needed to get to.  She wasn't exaggerating when she said this next phone call would save her life. 

     She let the door slam shut behind her and frantically picked up the phone. It rang twice. 

     "Cyberchase," was all Emma said.  She hung up and ran out of the box.  The men were waiting for her.  They grabbed her and pinned her hands behind her back. 
     "The boss doesn't take too kindly to thieves," one of them spat.    
     "It's a shame your boss didn't have any valuable information. Just a waste of my time, now," Emma said sweetly.  Patronizing them.  She wasn't afraid. 
     "Oh, it'll be more than that," another man said.  "You'll enjoy a cell for a few good years at least." 
     Emma just smiled.  She knew something they didn't. 

     A moment later, she vanished without a trace.  The men looked confused--but only for a second.  Then they went about their business as though it never even happened.... 

~24 hours earlier~ 

     Emma took a deep breath.  She was about to go in and see the man that could change her life--for better or worse.  It wasn't anything the man had to say.  It was his computer.  There was just the simple matter of whether or not this was the right guy.  She shrugged.  In a matter of hours she'll know.

     Emma checked her bracelet for the umpteenth time.  Yep.  The microchip was still there.  Her little electronic thief.
     "The boss will see you know," a secretary said.  Emma smiled and stood. She was about to enter when her phone buzzed. She answered on the second ring.
     "Cyberchase," was all the person said.  Then they hung up. 

     Without a word or an explanation, Emma turned around and left the building.  Cyberchase was the code word for a wild goose chase. This was the wrong man. 

     Who was caller?  It was Emma, herself, from the future.  You see, there's a certain phone box at the edge of town that allows you to place calls to your past self. 

     To put it simply:  crisis averted. 

God bless,
~Amy Rochelle


  1. YES! OH MY I LOVE IT!!! And I don't even usually like time-twisties. You are awesome!

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you liked it! :D