Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whatnot Wednesdays #7

Info dumps on the life of an aspiring writer. 

GUYS. I have discovered a glorious thing!

In fact, you might even say it's my new favorite thing. 

What is it, you ask?

Nah. I'll wait. Give suspense. 




OKAY. I'm too lazy to add anymore suspense. 

SO. Here's the thing. 

As a writer, I absolutely ADORE background music.  It's usually movie soundtracks, or video game soundtracks that are actually quite amazing.  But just the other day I discovered something greater. 

(Or not, depending on what you consider great.)

(This might be the most boring thing ever.) 

(Why am I still talking in parenthesis?)


What I did, was I played the sound of rain AT THE SAME TIME as some of my quieter background music.  The result?  A heartbreaking, emotional level added on top of the song. 

Let's try it.

Go ahead and press play on that, and then choose one of the songs below for an incredible, gorgeous combination. (You might need to lower the volume a little on the rain.)

I could listen to this for hours. Perfect for writing emotional scenes. 

God bless,
~Amy Rochelle

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  1. I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH!!! I've put Under The Willow by Ryan Stewart to the rain and it is so amazingly perfect. Be Still by Helen Jane Long sounds great too! Amy, you're a GENIUS! Ten thousand and two-thirds thanks for this idea. It is just too great!